Individual Voices / Natural Forms

Winter,  2006


Richard Bilow
For the past 15 years, Richard Bilow has dedicated his creative energy to the development of fusion of sculpture, art and aquarium design. He has used assemblage, sculpture, architecture, and photography combined with water and life forms to manifest liquid living art environments.The photographs selected for Abalone Moon were created by Richard while free diving at Catalina Island.

Brendan Constantine
Brendan Constantine is a poet living and teaching in Los Angeles.  His poetry has appeared in numerous journals and he hs read his work to audiences throughout the U. S. and Europe.  His latest collection of poems, entitled Hyenas 57, was a finalist for the National Poetry Series.

Louise Nayer
Louise Nayer was bornin N.Y.C., where she studied with Robert Creeley and Johnathon Logan at SUNY at Buffalo.  She moved to S.F. where she recieved six California Arts Council grants, and  worked with seniors.  Now a full-time English Instructor at City College of San Francisco, she teaches both creative writing and composition.  Her most recent book is about everyday rituals.

Doren Robbins
Doren Robbin's book, Driving Face Down, was the winner of the 2001 Blue Lynx Award from Lynx House Press/Eastern Washington University.  Pa,rking Lot Mood Swing: Autobiographical Monologues and Prose Poetry from Cedar Hill Press, San Diego, came out in June, 2004.  He was an editor, along with Uri Hertz, of "Third Rail", and his work has been widely published.