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Shadow and Light: The Transitory

Summer, 2004

Contributors' Notes

RD Armstrong

RD Armstrong's books include the second printing of his fifteenth (published by 12 Gauge Press), entitled ROADKILL. R.D., also known as Raindog, has published most recently in the Louisiana Review, Flash!Point #5, The Bukowski Review #1, and Unwound Magazine. Raindog publishes Lummox Press, which offers the Lummox Journal, the Little Red Book series, and other titles.

Gene Berson

Gene Berson lives in San Francisco, California. He has been published in numerous small press publications, including The American Poetry Review and Bastard Angel, edited by poet Harold Norse. He has won several awards, among them second prize in the yearly Jack London Contest for his poem Sphinx Moth. He is currently working as a display installer for Local 510, which has many writers in its ranks. 

Uzeyir Lokman Cayci 

Born in Turkey, Uzeyir Lokman Cayci has had his poems translated into many languages, including Spanish, French, German, and English. He is a web designer, as well as a poet and visual artist, and has published both his poetry and art work in print and online. You can read an interview in Poetry Life and Times.

Barbara Crooker 

Barbara Crooker has published in numerous publications and anthologies. Awards include WB Yeats Society of NY Poetry Prize (Grace Schulman, judge), 2004; winner, Thomas Merton Poetry of the Sacred Prize (Stanley Kunitz, judge), 2003; Pennsylvania Council on the Arts Fellowship in Literature, 1985, 1989, 1993. Her most recent book is Impressionism (Grayson Books), 2004. 

Carmine Giordano

A Fulbright Scholar (Classics Study, Rome, Italy), Carmine Giordano is Associate Editor of Abalone Moon. He has published in print, and his poem "The Courage of Flowers" can be read in the second issue of Abalone Moon. 

Steve Goldman

Steve Goldman began organizing poetry readings in Venice, CA., in the late 1970's, and has been active in the Los Angeles poetry community for over thirty years. He is host of the Venice Library Reading Series in Venice, California. An Associate Editor of Abalone Moon, Steve has published both online and in print, and is finishing up several manuscripts for publication. His poem "Passing: A Lineage of Trees", can be read in the second issue of Abalone Moon. 

Christine Klocek-Lim

Christine Klocek-Lim's poetry has appeared in "Tryst," "Writer's Hood," "Mi Poesias," among others, with several forthcoming in "The Melic Review," and "The Unrorean." She is currently working on an anthology of poems with poets from around the world, within which her photography will be featured. 

Marie Lecrivain

Marie Lecrivain is a writer/photographer in Los Angeles and the executive editor of poeticdiversity. Her work has appeared in The Blue House, Animus, The Homestead Review, Aesthetica, and Poems Niederngasse. Her collection of poetry, Canticle of a Bored Hausfrau, is available through Sybaritic Press 

Phoebe MacAdams

Phoebe MacAdams was a founding member of the Los Angeles Poetry Festival. According to poet Joanne Kyger, she "sees the angels in the homeless. . .finds her family in breathing. . . and a home in the poem. She is author of Livelihood (Cahuenga Press, 2003), Ordinary Snake Dance (Cahuenga Press, 1994), Sunday (Tombouctou Press, 1983), and Ever (Rose Valley Press, 1985), 

John Morgan

John Morgan has published three collections of poetry, as well as several chapbooks. His work has appeared in The New Yorker, Poetry, APR, and The Paris Review, among others, and on-line in The Salt River Review.

Louise Nayer

Louise Nayer was born in N.Y.C., where she studied with Robert Creeley and Johnathon Logan at SUNY at Buffalo. She moved to SF where she received six California Arts Council grants, and worked with seniors. Now a full-time English Instructor at City College of San Francisco, she teaches both creative writing and composition. Her most recent book is about everyday rituals.

Stephen Oliver

Author of twelve titles of poetry; most recently, Ballads, Satire & Salt - A Book of Diversions, Greywacke Press, Sydney, 2003; Deadly Pollen, a poetry chapbook, Word Riot Press, NJ, 2003

Simon Perchik

Simon Perchik is an attorney whose poetry has appeared in The New Yorker, Partisan Review, Poetry, and The Nation, among others. 

Holly Prado

Holly Prado's new book is These Mirrors Prove It: Selected Poems and Prose, 1970-2003 (Cahuenga Press). She's a widely published writer who has been a part of the LA literary community for over thirty years. 

Doren Robbins

Doren Robbin's book, Driving Face Down, was the winner of the 2001 Blue Lynx Award from Lynx House Press/Eastern Washington University. Parking Lot Mood Swing: Autobiographical Monologues and Prose Poetry from Cedar Hill Press, San Diego, will be out at the end of June, 2004. He was an editor, along with Uri Hertz, of "Third Rail", and his work has been widely published.

Fiona Sampson

Fiona Sampson's most recent book is: A Fine Line: New Poetry From East and Central Europe (ed. with Jean Boase-Beier & Alexandra Buchler, Arc, April 2004). Forthcoming is Creative Writing and the Writer (with Celia Hunt, Palgrave-Macmillan 2005). Awards include the 2003 Zlaten Prsten for international writing; a Hawthornden Fellowship, and the Newdigate Prize. She is editor of "Orient Express", and, in the U.S., of "Context".

Michael Shepler

Michael Shepler is the author of seven books of poetry (including The Indio Trash Compactor Murders, Skull Candy, The Barbara Payton Story and Angel's Flight. He has also authored two plays,"Cockroach Blues" (produced in Los Angeles) and, most recently, "Bombshell". His work is also represented in the Knopf anthology, Poems of the American West and he is the poetry editor for the magazine Political Affairs.

Diane Wakoski

Diane Wakoski, who lived in New York City for the decade of the sixties, has lived in East Lansing, Michigan for 25 plus years, where she is a University Distinguished Professor at MSU. The Butcher's Apron is the most recent of her more than twenty collections of poetry. Her selected poems Emerald Ice, won the William Carlos Williams prize from PSA in 1989, and she is the Michigan Library Assn's 2004 Author of the Year.

Ioanna (Ivy) Warwick

Ioanna Warwick's poems have appeared in Poetry, Best American Poetry 1992, Ploughshares, The Iowa Review, Nimrod, New Letters (1989 New Letters Poetry Award), Madison Review (Felix Pollak Poetry Prize, 1994), and others. Her translations of Polish poetry have appeared in many places, including APR, kayak, and Seneca Review. Recently her book manuscript was a finalist in the Walter McDonald Competition.  Her work is featured in Aballone Moon's Two Contemporary Poets Issue. 

Roger Withrow

Roger Withrow is a sculptor and painter who lives by the ocean in Santa Monica,

California, and whose current works are carved from stone. You can see his "Blue Heron", carved in teak, in the summer, 2003 issue of Abalone Moon.