Shadow and Light: The Transitory

Summer, 2004

Phoebe MacAdams

All Hallow's

     ----"this is the season of souls" - Holly Prado
The light goes on suddenly in an apartment
as I drive by on the dark freeway.
All Hallow's, this season of souls
like a pumpkin,
a light going on in the impossible dark.

Amid the beauty of flowers
blooming in winter,
we get older
in the Southern California way,
warm November days,
cool nights.
Flowers and death hold hands
in the season of souls;
during Dias de los Muertos
the arms of death are full of flowers,
every skeleton offers a marigold and
black, orange and yellow are the season's colors.

Mortality is a blessing
in the darkness;
nothing to do but
and let go

We must have faith in
flowers and death.