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Shadow and Light: The Transitory

Summer, 2004

Louise Nayer

Twentieth Century
 ----After Josee Andrei's painting, Pond at Sunset.
A beast and a man slide on
blue water toward a small city.
Behind them, confetti explodes
silently and colors
the air.

They (beast and man) are bent together
as if movement were an end in itself
And in fact this
walking across blue water
takes all the effort of the
ones who are chosen to bear
so much.

For compensation, they are
colored with the same pastels that
mist the sky and are bound
by a web of silk.

They do not stop (even when the
lights go out in the small city)
and they do not go forward.

They live in a vortex,
the swirling of the
almost drowned.