Summer, 2003

Contributors' Notes

Gene Berson

Gene Berson lives in San Francisco, California. He has been published in numerous small press publications, including The American Poetry Review and Bastard Angel, edited by poet Harold Norse. He has won several awards, among them second prize in the yearly Jack London Contest for his poem Sphinx Moth. He is currently working as a display installer for Local 510, which has many writers in its ranks.

Howard Bilow  

Howard Bilow is a painter, sculptor, master craftsman, and does architectural designing, with an emphasis on eco-balance harmony. Among the many places his work has been exhibited are the Norton Simon Museum, the San Diego Museum of Art, and the E.B. Crocker Crafts Museum in Sacramento, California. His work has also appeared in publications such as Interior Magazine. 

He lives in Woodland Hills, California, in a house with a garden that is like a rainforest, is one of the co-founders of the poets coalition Electric Storm, has a special interest in Native Plants, and volunteers as a Docent at the Malibu Creek Park. 

Tembra Campbell
Tembra Campbell lives and takes photographs in Los Angeles, California. She takes the background photographs for Abalone Moon.

Velene Campbell
Velene Campbell lives in Los Angeles, and was the first volunteer coordinator for Heal the Bay in Santa Monica. She is currently working on a non-fiction book with journalist Edmond Ortiz, and is the editor of Abalone Moon. She has published both in print and online, organized one of the first multi-cultural reading series in Los Angeles, and was a member of Mother Art, a group of five women artists who hung up artwork along with their laundry in 1977 in laundromats around the Los Angeles area.

Dennis Greene
Dennis Greene lives in Perth, Western Australia, in a house which, in the best traditions of bio notes, he shares with two cats, a wife and assorted daughters. The house would overlook the ocean if he'd thought to build it 25 kms further west.His work has been published in Australia, the UK, and the USA, and he is creeping towards being 'widely published' on the internet. And active performance poet, he has read at many Perth poetry venues and on radio and television.

Erika Horn
Erika Horn lives in San Francisco, California. She has been published in many publications, among them Bastard Angel, Acoustics, Back Roads, and Panjandrum V, an anthology. She's given many readings, has been a featured poet on KPFK on the Carlos Hagen Show, and is a Supervisor in a Day Treatment Center where she also facilitates weekly poetry groups with the clients at the center.

Jerry H. Jenkins
Jerry H. Jenkins' poetry has appeared in printed publications and anthologies such as The Formalist, The Lyric, Mobius, Echoes, Harp-Strings, Amelia, Cicada, The Piedmont Literary Review, Mail Call Journal, Poetry Monthly (UK), The Devil's Millhopper, The Fractal, Pirate Writings, and Star*Line. His online publication credits include work in Octavo, Terrain, The Able Muse, La Petite Zine, Eclectica, Pyrowords, Poetry Life and Times, and Dark Planet.

A collection of his poems, Messenger, has recently been published in e-book format by The New Formalist. His award winning chapbook Avian was published by Anamnesis Press, and a book length collection of his poems, in collaboration with Keith Allen Daniels and Ann K. Schwader, is published by Anamnesis Press under the title The Weird Sonneteers.

Jerry H. Jenkins resides with his wife in Louisville, Kentucky.

Janet Kenny
Born and educated in New Zealand. Made Operatic debut in England at Glyndebourne Festival Opera. Was opera and concert singer in Britain until ill
health ended that career. 

In Sydney, Australia she worked in the anti-nuclear movement, published book about Chernobyl and an essay in an anthology about Nobel laureate novelist,
Patrick White. Has edited and published poems in numerous ezines and journals. 

Lives in Sydney with her husband and numerous currawongs. 

Michael Shorb
Michael Shorb is a poet, children's story writer, and novelist who lives in San Franciso, California. His poetry has appeared in such publications as Michigan Quarterly, The Nation, Kansas Quarterly, The Shakespeare Newsletter, California Quarterly, Pulpsmith, The Sun, and many others. Children's material has been recorded by Shoofly. He has worked for over ten years in the database production department of a major information services provider.

Russell Salamon
Russell Salamon is the author of eleven poetry books and the novel Descent Into Cleveland. His poetry has appeared in Passager, Sunstone, Uncommon Ground, Daybreak, The Listening Eye, Saint Review, and Retooling for Renaissance in the Third Millennium, among others. He is the winner of the Passager Prize for 1996. He serves on the editorial board for California Quarterly published by the California State Poetry Society.

Roger Withrow
Roger Withrow is a sculptor and painter who lives by the ocean in Santa Monica, California, and whose current works are carved from stone