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Two Contemporary Poets

Spring, 2004


Robert Bohm

I was born in Queens, New York. Prior to writing poetry in isolation for almost twenty years, my publications included a number of print journals as well as one poetry chapbook and one full-length poetry volume which won the Great Lakes Colleges Association Award for best book by a new writer. During that time frame, I also published one non-fiction book on India. Following that period of my life, I worked as a freelance ghostwriter, authoring op-ed pieces, articles, think-tank analyses, etc. on a variety of economic, cultural, racial, educational and foreign policy issues. Over the last few years I have begun publishing poetry again, new work as well as poems composed from the early 1980s onward. Although I live in the U.S. I visit India often because half my family resides there


Ioanna (Ivy) Warwick 

I was born in Poland and came to this country when I was 17. I have published in Poetry, Best American Poetry 1992, Ploughshares, The Iowa Review, New Letters (1989 New Letters Poetry Award), Madison Review (Felix Pollak Poetry Prize, 1994), Nimrod, Texas Review, Southern Poetry Review, Psychological Perspectives, and many other magazines. My translations from Polish poetry have appeared in APR, kayak, Seneca Review, Wisconsin Review, Jacaranda Review, and other magazines. Recently my book manuscript was a finalist in the Walter McDonald Competition. I have worked as a free-lance medical writer and a part-time instructor at El Camino College and Miracosta College; I have also done creative-writing workshops in prisons. Currently I do private teaching. I live in San Diego, where I grow orchids and take walks at sunset to catch a glimpse of the Pacific and pet the neighbors' dogs and cats.