Mobirise Web Site Maker

Winter, 2003

Jayne Lyn Stahl


an instant message from my muse...

   ---for Roger Aplon

The muse at the back of
this bus is mine the muse at
the back sends me
instant messages
--inspiration comes C.O.D.
this muse won't take
American Express is
a bitch in
trousers equal opportunity
destroyer in a muscle shirt
calls me collect to say
the future is
makes me pass through security at
airports hold my bladder at
Notre Dame pries me open just to
sprinkle toxic stars in
my soup talks to me of
bloated fountains and lower
cholesterol whips
me with internecine
suspenders promises to
deliver me from heartburn
and debt even
bolster immunity to
the news.
the muse at the back of
this bus sends
sky graffiti from
granite tenements then comes
like a symphony in
my mouth this bitch at
the back of the bus is